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Landlord PAT Testing


Any landlord that lets residential accommodation as a business activity are required by law to ensure the equipment they supply as part of the tenancy is safe for your tenant to use.

For a flat fee we will meet either you the landlord, the tenant or appointed agent at the property and carry out portable appliance testing on the items you have supplied as part of the tenancy.

These normally include: fridge, freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer, lawn mower, toaster, microwave, hoover

Once the testing has been completed the PAT Testing engineer will issue a Certificate of Compliance.  Results will be emailed to you in a PDF file within 24 hours. A paper copy can be sent if needed.


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Fire Extinguisher Servicing for Landlords

Landlord Fire Extinguisher Servicing


Fire blankets and Fire Extinguishers can be useful in restricting the development and spread of small fires in their early stages. However, unless a fire is very small, the best advice is to evacuate the building to a place of safety and call the Fire and Rescue Service on 999.

In HMOs and buildings containing flats, Fire Extinguishers are required on every floor in all common areas, Basic advice should be offered at the start of each new tenancy of how to use them.

Whilst powder extinguishers are excellent multi-purpose extinguishers, an inadvertent discharge or deliberate abuse of powder extinguishers can cause substantial damage. Powder extinguishers also reduce visibility and, for this reason, are no longer recommended by the British Standard for indoors use.

Therefore Landlords need to consider carefully whether foam or even water extinguishers are a suitable alternative. Water mist fire extinguishers, for example, are an excellent alternative, as they can be applied on most fire types, including fat fire and electric fires and cause almost no damage to the interior.

Fire Extinguishers should be serviced annually to BS 5306-3. 


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Smoke & Carbon Alarms for Landlords

Landlord Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation 


With effect from 1st October 2015 Landlords must provide smoke alarms on every habitable level of the property and carbon monoxide alarms in high risk rooms.

Alarms should be checked to be in working order at the start of every tenancy. Tenants are unlikely to change the batteries in alarms meaning your property, and your tenants, are at risk this is why Swift only supply and install FireAngel & Kidde products with Long Life Lithium batteries.  Cheaper alarms are available but are prone to tamper and short battery life.

We can install new alarms or change batteries in your current alarms to ensure they are working throughout the tenancy and to avoid any calls to the landlord that the alarm is bleeping.


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Emergency Light Testing for Landlords UK


Landlord Emergency Light Testing, Bulb & Battery Replacement 


Emergency lighting systems should be periodically tested and inspected  to ensure that all luminaires function and are positioned (including signage) correctly.
Emergency Lighting is lighting provided for use when the main lighting fails for whatever reason.

It must:-
Indicate clearly and unambiguously the escape routes
Illuminate the escape routes to allow safe movement towards and out of the exits
Ensure the fire alarm call points and fire equipment provided along the escape route can be easily locate

Swift provide inspection & testing of all emergency light systems. Our UK engineers carry replacement bulbs and batteries should yours be defective.


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Fire Alarms for Landlords

Landlord Fire Alarm Testing & Maintenance


All fire alarm systems except those in single, private domestic premises must be regularly maintained to make sure they are operating effectively. The relevant British Standard (BS5839) recommends six monthly. However, where the fire alarm provides a compensatory feature, the fire risk assessment is likely to recommend quarterly.

As landlord, you will be responsible for checking that fire alarm system is working correctly at the start of each tenancy, although regular testing there after is down to tenants.

Our service includes the maintenance of all fire alarm devices at the start of the tenancy then annually there after. We help ensure all the elements of the fire alarm are in working order, including smoke and heat detectors, call points, sounders, beacons and panels. There are penalties for non-compliance.


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