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Appliances found during PAT Testing

Failed Hoover during a PAT TestSelf Repair

Employees or members of staff that are Untrained should not be allowed to carry out remedial repairs to electrical equipment themselves. In the example on the left, someone has to joined two wires together leave the core wires exposed and un-insulated .

A potentially lethal situation and one of the most dangerous things we’ve come across during PAT Testing a school.



13amp Plug Incorrectly WiredPlug Incorrectly Wired

The live and neutral wires on this appliance have been switched in this incorrectly wired plug. Comprehensive checks  carried out by our engineers to ensure the plug is wired correctly and that the earth connection is intact.

Incorrectly wired or missing earth connections are extremely dangerous. 

This item was re-wired free of charge as part of our service.



The Well Known DIY DisastersThe well known DIY disaster

Yet another example here of an untrained member of staff creating a dangerous situation by trying to repair a blown fuse themselves.

Our engineers check all plugs to make sure fuses are of the correct amperage and that dangerous self-repairs haven’t been done.



Exposed plugs in useDamaged Plug Top

Damaged plug tops are common. Misuse of equipment or appliances used in the wrong environment could lead to excessive damage to equipment and exposing the user to risk from electric shock hazards

Our Engineers replace plugs Free of Charge included in the PAT Testing Service



Live Parts Exposed

Damaged AC Adaptor

Mobile phone chargers and other AC adaptors are very susceptible to damage because they often sit underneath desks where they get kicked around.

The example above shows how dangerous these can be when damaged



Core Wires ExposedPoorly Connected Equipment

The wiring of equipment that is in regular use or poorly connected can easily become loose or disconnected.

A common and extremely dangerous situation if not fixed.

All Swift PAT Engineers work to the current Code of
Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment 4th Edtion
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