Our Mission

Our mission is to help you succeed by making compliance simple and adding value to your business. We aim:

To make safety compliance simple and cost-effective.

To build long-term relationships based on trust in our values and the quality of our service.

Our Values

We truly believe in our core values. They guide us as we strive to help our clients, colleagues, shareholders, contractors and the wider community.

We care about the people who work with us, the quality and consistency of our service to our customers and our contribution to the wider community.

We promote and maintain high ethical, business and professional standards.

We believe in, and encourage, a healthy work/life balance that fits with the grain of people’s lives.

We are all accountable – we welcome feedback and we treat everyone with equal respect.

We believe in the success that comes from helping others to succeed, rather than success at the expense of others.

We foster a rewarding, fun and diverse company culture.

Ethical Business

At Swift, we recognise the imperative to operate ethically. We are driven by our mission and our values and strive to balance our own needs with those of our stakeholders – which includes our customers and our suppliers – to take a long-term perspective on our business operations and market. Under our Directors’ leadership we aim to ensure that our staff and our business processes operate with integrity and we expect our suppliers and contractors to operate in the same way.

Ethical Purchasing

Wherever possible in our purchasing, we choose products with high ethical and environmental standards. Fairtrade, recycled and ecological products are our preferred choice.

Through continued process refinement and efficient management, we aim to minimise our environmental impact, maintain a healthy and safe working environment for our staff, and strengthen our sense of community.

Swift PAT Testing Limited
Telephone Number: 0844 995 9795
Company Reg Num: 15756330